Personal Training

Who would benefit from Personal Training?

Personal training is for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, lose weight or just become more active. My training programmes are tailor made so are suitable for absolute beginners, people who want to restart exercising after a break, people recovering from an injury or operation, sporty people who want to maximize their performance potential  and even those wanting to train for a specific challenge—such as a half marathon or triathlon.

Anyone can use fitness to improve their health, develop a greater sense of well being, develop stronger bones and muscles, minimize injury, optimize physical condition  and most importantly, have fun!

Why choose Anna for your personal trainer?

Hi, I’m Anna and I love sports and being physically fit and well. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic and will get you loving your training sessions and seeing real, measurable benefits, in a short time as my programme will be developed just for you!

As a busy mum of three boys I understand how difficult it can be to find time to yourself—so just tell me what you want to achieve on your fitness/ health journey and how long you have to achieve it and together we will help you get the body, fitness levels or just sense of well being that you’ve always wanted.