Why did I choose Biomechanics Coaching?

What a busy year! Trying to fit in looking after 3 little boys, working and studying but it has all been well worth it.

I have taught Pilates and Core conditioning classes for quite some time, however I was well aware that whilst the majority of clients significantly improved their performance, certain clients seemed to have underlying problems that inhibited their ability to progress. I wanted the knowledge to be able to prescribe the correct exercises for each individual according to their biomechanical make up.

This is where doing a diploma in Biomechanics has hugely benefited my ability to help people function and move more freely. I have trained with Intelligent Training Systems – world leaders in biomechanics coaching. Martin Haines,( check out his web site  – www.martinhaines.com ) is the country’s foremost expert on biomechanics and head of Intelligent Training Systems. It has been a privilege for him to tutor me and I am now slightly addicted to learning and seeing clients progress and/or become pain free!

Now the majority of my work entails screening clients shoulders, pelvis, spine, knee, ankle, nerves and muscles to see whether they are functioning correctly. Then, giving them prescriptive exercises, before they embark on a training programme for a certain event or lifestyle change.  A lot of my clients have lower back pain and through intrinsic biomechanics I am able to effectively make them pain free which is truly satisfying.

My next step is to complete my Specialist Biomechanics Coach course in September and my sports massage course later this year.

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