Mens Core Conditioning & Circuit Training

“The training sessions cater for all abilities. Each session is structured and different every week. Within our group lesson Anna is able to make each of us reach our individual limits. Its hard work at the time, but she motivates us to keep going. Hence we keep returning!”. Dr D. Graham (Northumberland)

Personal Training

“Within 4 weeks of training with Anna I’d lost several centimetres off my waist and hips and after 3 months was the size I’d always wanted to be but never achieved. I felt healthier and fitter too. Anna’s techniques really work and as a mum herself she understands the challenges of finding time to exercise and works with you to find the best way for you. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. Thank you Anna, I look and feel better than I ever have”.  A.Tyson (Northumberland)


“I first consulted Anna in January 2013 having decided as a New Year’s Resolution I must improve my level of fitness given I am not getting any younger and have 2 physical sons’ to keep entertained but more importantly to ensure my better wellbeing following a period of ill health the previous year. I faced my initial assessment with some trepidation as I had not undertaken any physical exercise since being a teenager! Notwithstanding being left in a state of shock following that first meeting where I was given a gruelling number of circuits to complete, Anna left me feeling empowered, supported and reassured things could only get better.  Approaching 4 months on my level of fitness has increased beyond all my personal expectations. I feel better in myself, have avoided ill health and have found a new surge of energy and drive to maintain my new level of fitness than I could ever have imagined at the start of my programme. This is all thanks to Anna who is a true professional. Anna has introduced me to a range of both indoor and outdoor exercises which are manageable and easy for me to fit into my busy lifestyle. She is knowledgeable in her subject area, taking a scientific approach to the human body and more importantly my personal needs and knows exactly when to push and when to support me. At all times Anna encourages and drives me by accompanying me in my weekly tasks which she varies from week to week to ensure I neither get complacent or bored with a fixed routine. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough and shall forever remain grateful to her for helping me get back on track.” J. Major (Northumberland)


“After the birth of my second baby I was in the worst shape I’d ever been. At just 31 I was overweight and worried about my health due to my lack of fitness; I decided enough was enough and asked Anna to help me get back on track.

It is thanks to Anna’s constant motivation and support that I have lost 25kg, completed my first half marathon and am back wearing my skinny jeans! Her specifically tailored programme to help me achieve my goal of running the Great North Run kept me injury free and really worked well as I got fitter and stronger; her specialist advice regarding postnatal exercising and core strengthening was invaluable. I can’t thank Anna enough for all she has done for me (and that includes making me run hill intervals!). Live every moment!” Emma Ritchie (wannabe trail runner; skinny jean wearer)

Post hip replacement rehabilitation

“Having woken each morning for several years with stiff joints, I am now pain free and move with ease when I get up. Stretching of muscles particularly of those not used so often, have been a great benefit. I look forward to Anna’s classes and find her knowledge of the body is excellent”.  A. Featonby (Northumberland)